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RCI's portfolio Navigator™ optimizes the implementation of your investment strategy
Save time and capitalize on opportunities

RCI is a strategic decision making platform

Make data-driven decisions by overlaying investment strategy on aggregated portfolio data.

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Data Driven Paradigm

Free your crucial data from the prison of the Excel data silo. Our data-driven methodology enables customers to use data as critical evidence to help inform and influence investment strategy.

  • Error-prone duplication
  • Limited analysis capability
  • Single source of truth
  • Sliceable and dice-able
  • Single computer
  • Approximate and summarized
  • Cloud computing
  • APIs with real-time capability
  • Accurate and granular
  • Analyst spend +70% time modeling
  • Spend majority of time doing analysis
  • Fault tolerant
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RCI is partnering with leading institutions to drive further efficiency and leading-edge research for Asset Owners.

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