RCI Partnership with State Street Data GX
Kanishk Parashar
Co-Founder & CEO

RCI’s key value proposition lies in its ability to consolidate all of the main investment data of an investor into a single source, and then together with market assumptions data, provide forward-looking projections on a portfolio. The investment data refers to all of the investment positions of the investor, at the line item level (asset class, manager, asset), starting net asset value, and transaction (purchase/sales) data. The investment strategy data includes all of the assumptions held by an investor that are used to project expected returns and the health of a portfolio into the future. This includes capital market assumptions such as expected NAV and Income returns for each asset class, forecasted cash flows of existing assets, potential investments and additional commitments, targets for asset allocation, investment cost and liquidity. 

Our product has been developed in conjunction with asset owners. For the clients that we have worked with, they have provided market assumptions data to power the projections from our system. We acknowledge however, that not all asset owners will have market assumptions data at hand, or that they would like to compare their own assumptions with other economics and finance data providers. For this reason, RCI has engaged in partnerships with some of the leading providers of market data to help our clients compare and get the most accurate depiction of their portfolio.

The first of these data partnerships that is fully integrated into our system, is that of State Street’s Data GX investment labs. State Street Data GX labs was set up to use State Street’s extensive investment data sets to help power investment decisions for investors. State Street GX consists of risk, liquidity and portfolio labs and also includes a Private Equity Index portal. As part of our collaboration with State Street Data GX’s private equity portal, users of RCI are now able to utilize assumption data from analyzing State Street’s repository of over 10,000 funds and 40 years of cash flow history. Users can access this data set to formulate cash flow assumptions such as capital calls and distributions on specific private equity strategies.

Private Equity Assumptions in RCI powered by State Street

As indicated in the above screen shot, utilizing this data set is as simple as selecting the attributes of a prospective private equity fund in the portfolio, from the drop down menus. Based on the desired fund characteristics, assumptions for capital calls, distributions and returns will be generated based on the data and analysis from State Street Data GX. In this way, clients of RCI can utilize data that may be more comprehensive than theirs or their consultants for making projections on the portfolio. 

The State Street Data GX is the first data partnership that RCI has embarked on, with a number of other strategic data partnerships in the pipeline.  Stay tuned for more updates on our data partnerships which will help serve our clients’ needs further.