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Comprehensive Data Modeling
Maximum Fund Value
Investment Returns
Asset Class Allocations
Cash Flow
Investment Costs
Private Market Commitments
Tracking Investment Goals and Constraints (Target Allocations, Liquidity, Investment Costs)
Understanding New Investment Opportunities in context of Total Fund
Addepar Integration
Manual Investment Data Upload leveraging RCI templates
Custom Investment Data Integration (Custodial + other sources for private asset class data)
State Street Private Equity Assumptions
Custom Data Warehouse Integration
Multi-scenario Liquidity, Exposures, Cashflows, Returns, Costs
Multi-scenario reports allow you to compare key metrics such as liquidity, cash flows, exposures, etc., under various scenarios to help you identify changes and why they occurred.
In conjunction with your projection reports, we can continuously back test the assumptions by entering actual data as it comes in to see differences between actual and projected performance.
Historical NAV, Cashflow, and Exposure
A continuously updated historical overview of your fund's past performance using actual values as they come in.
Email and Chat Support
Self-serve Knowledge Base
Custom Engineering Support
Individualized Onboarding and Training

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