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Inside Asset Ownership
In collaboration with our partners, we aim to provide clarity on the challenges currently faced by asset owners, trends and thoughts about the superannuation industry, and insights on how data integration can be leveraged to optimize investment decisions.


Why Fees and Costs Should Be Core to Investment Decision Making

The significance of fees and costs in investment management has been well documented. As individuals with savings accounts know, even fractions of a percent change in fees, can have significant impacts on the amount an investor earns from an investment.

Rajiv Sharma
Principal Strategy and Research Director

Data-Metrics Circularity in PE

Many businesses in ‘traditional’ industries are now using data science to rethink how they operate. That’s because data-science tools can empower people at all levels of an organization to make decisions that more closely align with empirical facts, rather than basing choices primarily on past practice, intuition, or best guesses.

Dane Rook
Research Engineer at Stanford
Joe Lonsdale
Chairman of RCI, Founding Partner of 8VC

RCI Partnership with State Street Data GX

RCI’s key value proposition lies in its ability to consolidate all of the main investment data of an investor into a single source, and then together with market assumptions data, provide forward-looking projections on a portfolio.

Kanishk Parashar
Co-Founder & CEO

Technology Leadership

With technology playing an ever increasing role in our lives, it is now becoming not just a question of the benefit that technology can bring but instead a question of how big a risk it is if an investor does not adopt technology into their organization.

Kanishk Parashar
Co-Founder & CEO

What is RCI? Why RCI?

Over the past few decades, asset owners around the world have sought to improve their internal capabilities; pushing back against external service providers in a bid to retake control over their investments.

Ashby Monk
Co-Founder & President