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Navigator™ is a platform for strategic decision making.
Using our sophisticated modeling software and market data partnerships, RCI lets you compare investment strategies by deriving reliable insights into your fund’s key metrics for optimized, data-driven, investment decision making.
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With existing tools, implementing your portfolio’s investment strategy is inefficient and insufficient.

Analysis is labor intensive

  • Manual effort leads to slow execution where underlying data could be incorrect/stale.
  • Total Portfolio Bottom-Up modeling is nearly impossible.

Data fragmentation is rampant

  • Underlying assumptions, pacing plans and investment exposures are spread across different internal teams and unconnected spreadsheets.
  • Data accuracy and granularity suffers. Especially for illiquid investments.

Knowledge sharing is difficult

  • Mostly driven by printed pdfs discouraging collaboration.
  • Analysis is siloed to a few members of the team where underlying logic is lost.

RCI allows CIOs to leverage crucial portfolio data—positions, exposures, strategies, and assumptions—to understand if the portfolio is on course to meet its objectives.

Investment Data

Holdings, NAV, Managers

Investment Strategy

Pacing Plans, Investment Mandates, Cash Flows, Target Allocations, Costs, Benchmarks

Market Assumptions

Returns, Volatility, Stress Scenarios

Generates Pro-forma Analysis

  • Cashflows
  • Returns
  • AUM
  • Liquidity
  • Investment Costs
  • Committed Capital
  • Asset Allocation

Automatically Monitors Key Portfolio Metrics

  • Projected costs against budget
  • Portfolio exposures outside of target range
  • Illiquidity risk spikes past critical level
  • Cash insufficient to meet projected capital calls

Make data-driven decision by overlaying investment strategy (goals, constraints, mandates) on total portfolio data (liquids and alternatives).

Insert New Potential Investments

Seamlessly add/remove/alter investment exposures and assumptions - saving time and effort.

Compare the Impact

View how new opportunities impact your exposure and effectively compare investment strategies.

Investment Data

NAV and Position Data are the key inputs to the RCI system to enable line item portfolio management. NAV, positions and transaction data can be provided directly from the fund’s custodian* or from the fund itself in a variety of formats. RCI’s software enables data in different formats to be uploaded to the system.

* Custodian Integration coming soon
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Investment Strategy

Using RCI Cash Flow Scenarios, Cost Scenarios, and Target Allocations, you can simulate your fund outcomes by combining your assumptions with your scenario forecasts. Additionally, you can overlay potential investment strategies to compare and assess the impact on your fund’s investment objectives.

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Market Assumptions

Assumptions supply return and liquidity expectations for the RCI models to project your portfolio into the future. RCI models support a variety of asset types, including alternative assets such as private equity funds.

We've partnered with State Street to bring you more accurate, data-powered, assumptions based on State Street's private equity financial data universe.

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